Sunday, June 17, 2007

about the concept of Mozilla 24

I think some people (especially the Japanese media) are misunderstanding the concept of Mozilla 24.
In this article from, which is pretty well respected IT/tech news media in Japan, the article mainly discusses the way in which people (developers) interact for Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Mozilla 24 is compared to the likes of WWDC and Google Developer's Day's... which is pretty awesome thing as it is but kind of NOT true.

It is my personal impression that people at Mozilla Japan who organized (organizing) wants to make it more like "Open Source Festival" ("Omatsuri" was the Japanese word that was used) to shore up more interest and support for Firefox and Open Source in general.

Mozilla Japan already had a Developer's Conference yesterday (see my previous post) so it is incorrect to say the following (a quote from 2nd page of the article mentioned above)

"この秋、モジラが開催を予定している“Mozilla24”という開発者会議。" (translation: "this autumn, Mozilla is planning to organize a developer's conference called 'Mozilla 24'")

Well it is a good thing that Mozilla 24 is getting some media coverage but I hope more people understand that the Mozilla 24 is more about community, people and having fun!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mozilla Developer Conference Summer 2007

Right at this moment, I am taking a part in the Mozilla Developer Conference.

This is mostly technical "developer conference" but I think it will be a good "practice" for the Mozilla 24 event that's coming up in September.

some facts that was of interest to me:
-people from Google were here to talk about using Google API
-everyone at Mozilla (at least in US) gets a mac (macbook pro it seems like)
-but the presentation software used by Mozilla people only run on windows, hense the use of parallels!
-audience was majority non-mac users, some let's note and some dell etc.
-introduced myself to Mike Shaver! (co-founder of Mozilla project) cool!

well it's a pretty cool event, it made me look forward to Mozilla 24! kinda weird to compare Mozilla 24 to WWDC or the Google Developer Day though.

wow a month has gone by

the title says it all!
a month has gone by since the last entry...

In retrospect, the month of May went by very quickly.
I got the job offer for last year end of April and I spent a whole month taking a break:)

I was doing some work too:
1) got invloved with Mozilla 24 project.
2) kind of started my senior thesis
3) applied for a part time job, went to an interview, waited for a reply... finally heard back from them 6/6, I got the job!

And above all, I enjoyed my last month in the dorm.
Our dorm acts a little bit like Fraternity. We are all men dormitory with almost complete(?) self autonomy.

So farewell my brothers! I will miss you guys and the dorm greatly.