Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mozilla Developer Conference Summer 2007

Right at this moment, I am taking a part in the Mozilla Developer Conference.

This is mostly technical "developer conference" but I think it will be a good "practice" for the Mozilla 24 event that's coming up in September.

some facts that was of interest to me:
-people from Google were here to talk about using Google API
-everyone at Mozilla (at least in US) gets a mac (macbook pro it seems like)
-but the presentation software used by Mozilla people only run on windows, hense the use of parallels!
-audience was majority non-mac users, some let's note and some dell etc.
-introduced myself to Mike Shaver! (co-founder of Mozilla project) cool!

well it's a pretty cool event, it made me look forward to Mozilla 24! kinda weird to compare Mozilla 24 to WWDC or the Google Developer Day though.